The Kairos Pictures was set up in the thoughts of 2 believers, who happened to be storytellers, illustrators, animators, and teachers. They grabbed a little dream out of their hearts and minds and spread it across their students. The ones who picked up the dreams added their own realm and came along to build up The Kairos Pictures, as a matter.

We are a tribe of illustrators and filmmakers who love to explore - explode and discover the forms and ways to tell unique visual stories. We are the ones who designed multiple storytelling experiences in the form of Comics and Motion Comics series for India’s largest storytelling app Pratilipi.

At Kairos, we offer design-led creative solutions through innovative storytelling techniques for Web, Cinema, and other digital platforms. We have hands-on experience in developing magic onscreen through Comics, Storyboards, Animation, Explainer Video Production, Animated content for e-learning, Illustrations, and a score of artistry.

Our tribe loves diversity.
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