In the Post-covid era we’re seeing a pattern around the world, where children of the war hit zones are a prime target of atrocity, lashed out by the most tyrannous and powerful governments, in the guise of protecting their people. Have these powerful nations started fearing vulnerable kids? What’s the reason of apathy towards them? 
Children’s observations about the dehumanising and violent behaviour surrounding their home’s demolitions hint at their understanding of the racial politics that guide these confrontations. 
The concept for this illustration had been a recent illegal demolition by DDA (Delhi Development Authority, India)of Akhoondji Mosque (origin 1200 A.D) which housed a cemetery, a school and a boarding for orphan kids. The most affected were the children, their shelter and education snatched violently, were left in the cold with their belongings including warm clothing and books razed to the ground. The kids were reported shivering in cold in a nearby Eidgah(open space outside the mosque) coiled up on a bedsheet, with memories that adds up to their psychological trauma. The illustration also represent the atrocities faced by the children in Palestine, Sudan, Congo, Myanmar, Ukraine, Manipur, the places hit by ghastly war crimes. 

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